Monday, August 26, 2013

Montreal Street Style (The Detailed Edition)

Recently, a few friends of mine and I took a little trip to Montreal. We had an amazing time and those rumors you hear about the French being rude aren't true at all! Everyone we met was so lovely and wonderful and I can't wait to go back.So if you're stuck wondering where you should take your next vacay I would recommend considering Montreal. Anyways, while we were there I took some photos of the details in some of our outfits. I hope you enjoy the photos and can perhaps gather some inspiration of your own.

If you have any questions on any certain piece please leave them down below.

And now for the photos:


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inglot Haul

Whilst I was in Montreal I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Inglot store. Inglot isn't readily available where I live and I think there is actually only a couple Inglot locations in all of Canada. While I was there one of the girls working there told me they were working on a better online store for the rest of us Canadians. I think if you want to make an order you can but you have to personally email someone with the items you want to buy and they will be shipped to you. Anyways, while I was there I picked up 4 of the O2M breathable nail enamels which are suppose to be water permeable? (I don't think they are water permeable, there are several videos on YouTube in which you can see that these are not water permeable, if you would like me to do a test feel free to leave comment down below) I also picked up 2 of there eye shadows.

So far I haven't really played much with the nail colors, I would say the all need two coats to be fully opaque except the blue one you could probably get away with just one coat. I do plan on wearing the red one tonight so maybe I will edit this part with an update on how I found the wear and formula to be.

On the other hand, I did get a chance to play with the eye shadows which are from the Freedom System range, and they are definitely worth all the hype you hear on blogs and YouTube. They are highly pigmented as you can see in the swatches down below and they lasted on me all day without hardly any fading. Also, I got to give a shout out to their magnetic packaging, I love it! It is so sleek and compact and you never have to worry about it opening up in your bag or any of the side hinges breaking, definitely two thumbs up! Hopefully, I will be able to get more colors cause their range is beautiful. If you are in the US or Europe and have a location available to you I definitely recommend having a look at their eye shadows if you haven't already!

And now for photos:

$16 CA found here

2/$25 CND (including case)
Left: Inglot Shadow in 402 (2.7g) Right: Inglot shadow in 457 (2.5g)

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