Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Music: Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know

This song has been on repeat for the last few days. I can not describe the remarkable emotion that it capture without suggesting that you have a listen to it for yourself.

There is always people in our lives in which we form relationships whether they be healthy or not, they are soon gone and there just people you used to know. Having lost, I relate to the feeling "someone I used to know" and its a crazy thought that someone you were so close to is now just a mere stranger. I could elaborate on this topic for hours but I'm gonna keep this short and hope you understand somewhat of what I'm trying to say.

The music video is also great, and I find it fit perfectly with the lyrics of the song!

Now for the youtube link:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini Vacation: Calgary - OOTD

So about a month ago a few of my friends and I went on a mini road trip to Calgary! We spent a few days just frolicking through the city and eating food basically and shopping. It was a good time had by all and can't wait to go somewhere else to just relax and have fun with friends. I've posted a couple city shots and a Outfit of the Day below!

Here are few pictures:

Random Shot of the City!

Another Random Shot of City

Shoes: Aldo, Maxi Dress: Forever 21, White Off-Shoulder Top: H&M, Straw Hat: H&M

Breakfast from The Hyatt

Random Makeup whilst getting ready!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Product Cravings: Dior & Mac

Tell me? What is better then a late night ramble?

Sadly I have a grueling day of work tomorrow much to my dismay. I am counting down the hours of my shift already even though it hasn't started. There is one thing about this that I can look forward to and that is being able to purchase more goods. Speaking of good there has been a few items on my current wishlist that I have been meaning to pick up:

This first on is Dior tinted moisturizer, now I am a bit fair so I would most likely go for shade number 1. Would be specially wonderful for summer considering foundation can be to heavy for those grueling hot summer day.

image from

Item number 2 would be mac Bare study paint pot and and mac Constructivist paint pot. Now both these items are cult faves so I am sure I will enjoy them, though the fact that they are like a cream eyeshadow is always what has stopped me. Creasing is a big no in my books.

Item 3 would be Satsuma Puree body lotion by the body shop. Now I already have two scents from bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom and twilight woods so this leaves me wanting a fruity scented body lotion. I've been one of those girls who never moisturizer even after showering and I am slowly trying to change this.

image from
Now that pretty much sums up the items that I really want at the moment so look out for a post for when I actually make the purchases ;-)

Also I will be putting up a Jewellery focused post up soon, just got to charge the camera and take the pictures.

Good Night Everyone!!