Monday, February 28, 2011

Brandon Flowers - Only The Young

Time for a late night blog post!

This song has been stuck in my head for the last two months and it grants me the same captivation from when I had first heard it. I feel like the lesson from this song is something that everyone can relate with. To me this song says make due with what has happened in the past and don't let the past make your future and to break away from it and guide your self into the sun ( definitely easier said then done) and redeem yourself to who you want to be.

Overall just a wonderful meaning to a wonderful song, now enough rambling!

Here is the the song and the music video:

I love it and I hope you enjoy it too!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

mark. Eye Shadows

Mark is a make up brand that is part of Avon, I have been using Avon for many years and have enjoyed many of their products especially there moisture therapy line and you get a good bang for your buck. Lately I have been attracted to many mark products and I picked up a bunch of eye shadows which I will be reviewing for you in this blog post.

So lets start of with the quality of the shadows, considering the shadows retail for about $6 each however you can always catch them on sale. The quality is pretty good and I was actually quiet surprised at how pigmented they were and how well they blended out and the siz of each shadow is pretty big. I would definetley recommend these eye shadows and will be purchasing or of them in the future.

So I have 8 eye shadows and I also purchases the mark eyeshadow palette so it would be easier to store them.

Picture of these lovely eye shadows:

Starting from left to right in the first row:

Whisper, Corset, Heavenly, Tiki

Left to Right in the Second Row:

Minx, Gioia, Java, Night Owl

Top two: Whisper and Corset
Bottom two: Minx and Gioia
Top two : Heavenly and Tiki
Bottom two: Java and Night Owl

Left to right: Night Owl, Tiki, Java, Heavenly, Gioia, Corset, Minx and Whisper

Sorry about the horrible swatches, they are blended out! The pigmentation is great for the price however I was a bit disappointed in Heavenly because it barely gives off any color at all, I have yet to try it on top of a base as I rarely wear colored shadows.

Hope this was helpful!
Thanks for reading!


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Revlon Nail Polish Haul

Recently I came across an amazing sale on Revlon nail polishes! I couldn't resist and had to pick up a few or so, for myself. I love all 4 colors that I got! I found some that had a thinner formula which I have realized in my other Revlon nail polishes and some have a semi -thick formula. The colors which I picked up are :

Minted - Minted is a pastel mint green, the formula is on the thinner side and requires about 2-3 coats to get opaque coverage on your nails. I really like this color its a good alternative to some of the higher priced mint nail polishes.

Silver Screen - When I initially purchased Silver Screen I though it would be more of a metallic light lilac purple, that was until I read the name and realized its just meant to be silver. With that said I still see hints of lilac in the bottle but when I applied it on my nails its just silver no lilac what so ever. But its a really nice silver and I have been looking for a good silver polish for quiet some time so needless to say I am quiet happy with this purchase!

Midnight Affair - Midnight Affair is a really pretty navy blue. I have also been looking for a nice navy nail polish and this one fits the bill. I wouldn't say its anything spectacular but it is still nice and I will be wearing it especially in this cold gloomy weather.

Blackest Black - This nail polish is actually quiet unique, you may be thinking oh another black nail polish what could possibly be different? But before you skip this polish, I would like to say that I find this black quiet unique! It is a creamy black but has a bunch of blue sparkles, the blue sparkles are not very noticeable but noticeable enough. They add a nice little touch to the generic black nail polish!

Time for some pics, please excuse my rushed and hastily applied nail polish application:

Starting of with Minted:

Silver Screen:

Midnight Affair:

Blackest Black:

Pretty blue sparkles in the black nail polish

Well that is all of the pictures! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it informative. Have a fantastic day!