Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NOTD: Revlon 330 Naughty

Hey everyone!

Looks like I'm back with another nail polish post this week!
Say whaaa?
Yes, I'm pretty surprised myself! The color I am exhibiting is once again a Revlon nail polish and it is 330 Naughty. I think the best way to describe this nail polish is a dirty murky purple. In the bottle it looks like a brown with purple shimmer but once applied to the nails it just looks like a greyish brown muted purple.

I think its a great transition color from summer to fall because its not as dark as a black nail polish, dark red or the plum night from my last nail polish post.

Though I don't own Chanel's Paradoxal I think this could possible be a cheaper alternative. From the pictures I've seen I think its a pretty close dupe for those of us who don't have piles of cash. Besides, who doesn't like those murky dirty looking polishes for fall!


Anyways, let me know what you guy think the comments below!
Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. I love this color! So pretty for fall. Oh, and I love your blog, I followed! I would love it if you could check out mine at and maybe we could follow each other? This is a great review, great post!


  2. the colour is beautiful! the purple shimmer really makes the colour unique :)

  3. I love that color! i might just go to the revlon isle and pick it up!! thanks for this post!