Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hey Everyone!

I come to you today with a couple of quick last minute Halloween ideas. They are all pretty simple and require minimal effort.

The first two options are related and can be seen in all its glory above. It is the Ring Girl from the movie The Ring and the Static TV she crawls out of. If you have seen the movie you will know exactly what scene I am refering to. So if you have long black hair like I do and friend without a costume, than this costume will be relatively easy for you

Ring Girl costume:

Items needed:
-long black hair or a wig of some sort
-a white dress or a long white shirt
-black and white face paint ( if you have nothing laying around at home try using a light foundation and some black eyeshadow)

All you have to do is put on your outfit and go to town on your face with the black and white face paint. Use the black to create shadows and a sunken look to your face. Part your hair in the middle and bring it forward so your face is partially hidden underneath your hair.

Static TV costume:

Items needed:
-black poster board
-aluminum foil
-pipe cleaners
-old head band

Take you aluminum foil and glue it on to your black poster board, then take your black sharpie and draw dots all across the TV to make it seems like there is static. Add a string to the back of the poster board so you can put the TV around your neck. Feel free to add any other details to make your TV look more realistic.
For the antenna, take an old head band and wrap some pipe cleaners around the head band, take your foil and scrunch it up to make 2 little aluminum balls which you can stick on top of the pipe cleaners. Use tape if needed! Dress up in all black and white and you will be good to go!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below! Have a Happy Halloween and thanks fo reading!


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