Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cuff Jewellery: H&M, ALDO, ASOS

 Hey Everyone! Cuff Jewellery has been really in for the last little while. So I thought I would do a quick little post on some of the cuff jewellery I have been sporting. All of the pieces are very inexpensive and reasonably easy to obtain. Some of the pieces may even be on sale now as they were purchases from earlier.

I love cuff jewellery as it easily dresses up a casual outfit. A simple white tea and some black jeans with any of the necklaces easily helps to make your outfit cute with a chic edge. I tend to find that a lot cuff jewellery can easily be made into statement pieces as well so I think there good to have. And for the price, why not?

So here is what I've been loving/wearing:

6.95 CDN from H&M

So firstly, we have the bracelet cuff, I purchased the gold one first and then later on I saw the silver ones and decided to get two so I could wear one on each arm. I find the chains that hang make them a little more girly and feminine and just make them a little different compared to the normal cuff type of bracelet you see. However, one downside is that on one of the bracelets the chains fell out but I got my mom to put them back in so it was an easy fix. All three were 6.95 from H&M

All from H&M, top two 7.95 CDN,bottom one 12.95 CDN

I obviously couldn't chose just one color and had to have all three.. #fail. I got the rose gold first and it is a bit thinner than the other two which i like. The other two are a little thicker but I think they're still okay. All three were from H&M, the top two I think were 7.95 and the bottom one was missing the packaging so I am not sure of the exact price but I paid 12.95

~$14 CDN from ASOS

Clearly I've been watching way to much Made in Chelsey, it definitely is a guilty pleasure as is most reality television.  These are inspired by Rosie Fortescue, I can't help but be in love with her style. I once again couldn't decide which color and got two. They are from ASOS and I paid ~$14, they can be purchased from the website.

Aldo $39

These are probably one the things I am most proud of this season! I got these from Aldo and they were on sale for $39. I love the cuff on top and the tiny heel at the bottom. They are different than anything I have seen in the last little while and on par with the cuff trend. The rest of the sandal looks really nice as well when worn. 

Anyways, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



  1. Cute shoes! I love the jewelry! :)

  2. Love and the jewelry!!! Btw nice blog, I followed...follow me back?



  4. Wow! you have the most amazing collection of cuff jewellery. I especially love the cylindrical H & M cuffs :) x


  5. Cute cuffs and your blog!!