Saturday, March 3, 2012

In & Out

Welcome to yet another edition of In & Out


Mac MSF in blonde. I have been wearing this puppy like no tomorrow. I love the sheen and how it doesn't have chunks of glitter like many other MSFs. I have also been loving my Kat Von D tattoo concealer, as my skin has seen better days.

On the topic of skin, I have really noticed a decrease in hyper-pigmentation through the use of Ole Henrikson's enlighten me skin tone corrector. If you have problems with hyper-pigmentation I totally recommend this product as it contains all natural ingredients is really gentle. I also picked up cliniques moisture surge moisturizer through a promotion Sephora had going on, and I must say I really like it for a night time moisturizer over top of the serum.

The next two things would be a TV show called the Walking Dead. I definitely recommend checking it out if your bored one of these days.

Finally, Tassimo's Nabob french vanilla flavored coffee blend.


The February shopping ban I had going for myself during February. However, I am still going to try and save as many pennies as I can.

Gossip Girl, as much as I love all the outfits and will most likely keep watching due to this - was any one just a little bit disturbed by the ending of the last episode?

What a lovely dress:

Love the color!

Until next time,
Hope your all well.

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  1. I've also been on some kind of shopping ban during February and yesterday I literally went crazy.
    I can't help myself. With new summer/ spring collections coming to stores I'm just obsessed.

    Also thank you for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it.
    Lots of Love