Thursday, December 27, 2018

Well Hello..

It has been a hot minute since I have posted anything on here. My last post was in 2014...Can you believe it?!

My blog was always a passion of mine and as soon as my life and other priorities took over (Articling CPA student/Working a real full-time job) I sadly had to part ways with my blog. Although I left, my blog was never forgotten. I mean what can I say? There is nothing like sharing your random musings with the internet.

Now that 2019 is just a few days away, I find myself reflecting on the past year. 2018 was a wonderful year, I got to travel to new places that and meet new people. But when I really think about it, if I could describe 2018 in one word it would be 'exhausting'. Always working and never having time to myself was a constant theme throughout, and its true what they say self-care is without a doubt important.

So you're probably wondering why I'm back with a post today, and the reason is in the last couple of months I had family and a few of my friends ask me about my blog and what had happened to it. It made me sad that I let something so important to me and something that I worked so hard on, go. To be honest, I always wanted to make my triumphant return but I mean who even blogs anymore? With Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat, the game for blogging has completely changed over the last few years. Who would even find my content interesting? It then dawned on me, that it didn't matter who would as along as I was enjoying blogging and my total of 4 readers were finding value in my content.  

I could go on forever about why I left, why I came back. Also is writing not an amazing outlet for all of the chaos in your head?

With that said, here is to 2019 where I try salvage this space and hope that you will join me on this journey.


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