Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Top 5 Winter Essentials

Hello Everyone,

Because I live in Canada, I have had quiet my fair share of experiencing cold weather. I though it would be a great idea to do a quick post on my top 5 winter essentials. Most of these are directed towards dealing with really dry skin. So if you have dry skin and live in warmer climate you may also find some these suggestions helpful.

1. So the first winter essential I have for you is a lip balm. It is the Kiehl's LIP BALM #1 (yes, that is the name). It has an SPF of 4 and is a petrolatum based lip balm that can also be used as a skin protectant. I use this lip balm at night before bed and when I wake up my lips are moisturized, and well hydrated. They sometimes even look a little plump which is always a plus.

2. The next product on my list is the Triple Moisture Body Cream from Bath and Body Works. I find applying any sort of body product a chore in the winter time because it is freezing and I rather put on my pajamas instead of slathering on cold body cream and waiting for it to absorb. One of the reasons I really like this product because it truly is non greasy which allows it to absorb quickly. With this body cream I don't have to wait so long and the scent (Coconut Lime Breeze) makes the whole process a little less daunting. In summary, this is a great body moisturizer and works great in the winter to prevents you from having dry itchy skin.

3. Josie Maran Argan Oil has been my night time face moisturizer ever since I got my hands on it. I was at first hesitant to use this product because it is an oil and my skin is prone to breaking out. But after reading reviews online I thought I would take the risk and give it a go. And I am quite glad I did, it has been an amazing moisturizer for skin and I feel like it has been improving my skin tone. I definitely think I need to use the oil more before I can comment on any other benefits it has provided. But I can assure it makes a great moisturizer for dry flaky skin.

4. The next product I would like to share with you is the Orgins Drink Up 10 minute mask. This is a great mask to use on those lazy Sundays during the winter months. I find this mask instantly adds a boost of hydration to my skin. The Orgins masks are some of the most popular and hyped up masks in the blogging and YouTube world so I don't think there products need much convincing. Basically, its a great mask and it smells divine.

5. The last product I have to recommend is Ole Henrikson Express the Trust night time moisturizer. Now I have only been recently been using this product and was initially going to recomment the Avene Ultra Rich Compensating Cream. But after some thought I figured this would be a more suitable recommendation to make because for one, in my experience it provides similar results without being to heavy on the skin and if you are one of those with oily/combo skin you probably won't like the Avene moisturizer.  On the other hand, the Ole Henrikson Express the Truth is really nourishing but has a much lighter consistency in comparison to the Avene moisturizer. In addition, as much as I love the Avene moisturizer it contains shea butter (which is most likely why the formulation is so thick) which can be harder for the skin to break down and can even cause clogged pores. So if you have extremely dry skin and are looking for a night time moisturizer I would try the Ole Henrikson Express the Truth, it contrain Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid and smells of oranges, which I personally love!

Well those are my top 5 recommendations. If you have any questions or recommendations of your own please leave a comment down below. Hope everyone has great rest of the week

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