Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Current: Bracelet Faves & A tiny haul

Hey Everyone,

It has been a little while since I last posted, I am fully aware that I need to improve this. School has basically taken over my life at this point and the fact that it is summer makes it even harder for me to focus on my school work. But I know I shouldn't be making excuses :-P.

After writing a grueling midterm today I thought why not relax my self by writing a blog post and showing you guys a few items I have hauled recently and my current arm candy favorites.

Watch is from Urban Outfitters $39.99 and bracelet is from H&M 2 Pack $7.99
 Basically, I am crazy about this watch.Perfection really is the only word I can think of to describe this watch. I love how it has a vintage feel and adds a bit of elegance to any outfit, and why not have a watch with two clocks. The salmon colored bracelet is from H&M and is part of there summer jewellery collection. It comes in a two pack along with a mint green one. They do at times feel like they will break but considering you get 2 bracelets for 7.99, hey why not?

Urban Outfitters 9.99 (on sale) (Picture taking fail)   

I got this cropped tee from Urban Outfitters as well, I absolutely love the Aztec/tribal print on it along with the color. I think it will be great paired over a maxi dress for those warm summer days.

Forever XXI $21.80
Lace is back once again and is really big this summer. I got this top from forever 21 and fell in love the print as well of the cut of this sweater/jumper. I love how feminine and pretty it is and I think the 3/4 length sleeves will make it wonderful for those cooler summer days. This will definitely need a Cami underneath as it is see through.

I got this sweater form Forever 21, you can never have enough basics and a lot of my regular basics are running low. A sweater/jumper like this is never going to go out of style so I thought why not pick it up. Considering I got it for 50% off and it cost me about $17.80 I thought it was quiet the bargain. I decided to get something other then black so I could wear a black collared shirt underneath it. I think I might try this out for my next outfit of the day post.

Alright everyone that is still reading, that is all for now, I hope you are all having a wonderful day and if you want to see more please feel free to follow me on instagram: FarKhar is my username.

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  1. Very interesting items of clothing, I really like the watch with two faces.

    1. Why Thank - You!
      Yes, it definitely is my favorite piece of jewelry at the moment!
      Thanks for visiting! =)

  2. Love the H&M bracelet is super cool and fits you amazing!




    1. Thanks Maria! Ya, the bracelet can be adjusted as its pretty malleable!

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hi hun :)

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  4. great blog! really love the tee and watch. :) following x

    1. Thank you! I checked out your blog and its pretty lovely, so I followed back!