Saturday, July 9, 2011

Product Cravings: Dior & Mac

Tell me? What is better then a late night ramble?

Sadly I have a grueling day of work tomorrow much to my dismay. I am counting down the hours of my shift already even though it hasn't started. There is one thing about this that I can look forward to and that is being able to purchase more goods. Speaking of good there has been a few items on my current wishlist that I have been meaning to pick up:

This first on is Dior tinted moisturizer, now I am a bit fair so I would most likely go for shade number 1. Would be specially wonderful for summer considering foundation can be to heavy for those grueling hot summer day.

image from

Item number 2 would be mac Bare study paint pot and and mac Constructivist paint pot. Now both these items are cult faves so I am sure I will enjoy them, though the fact that they are like a cream eyeshadow is always what has stopped me. Creasing is a big no in my books.

Item 3 would be Satsuma Puree body lotion by the body shop. Now I already have two scents from bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom and twilight woods so this leaves me wanting a fruity scented body lotion. I've been one of those girls who never moisturizer even after showering and I am slowly trying to change this.

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Now that pretty much sums up the items that I really want at the moment so look out for a post for when I actually make the purchases ;-)

Also I will be putting up a Jewellery focused post up soon, just got to charge the camera and take the pictures.

Good Night Everyone!!

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