Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Picks at Forever 21

Hey Guys,

Now I rarely write about anything fashion related so I thought this would be the perfect time to after all summer/spring is here. Where I live we have been having a lot of rain which is not necessarily a bad thing but it does make your day gloomy. Considering it is still spring some of my choices are more for a stormy day.

Now to make this simple all the item I picked are from . I personally love the website and they usually have deals in which if you spend over $50 then you will get free shipping.

So lets get this started!

Now the first shirt is black, white and darker gray. I love this shirt and its something you could buy for summer and continue wearing it all year round so you know your money isn't going to waste. Now this shirt introduces one of this summers biggest trends which is color blocking. Now I am definitely too afraid to go for a full on color block effect (wearing all bright things isn't for me!) so this shirt helps as it is a more tone downed version of color blocking but is still fresh and trendy.

Now underneath we have the Gladiator or Cage sandal. These sandals are perfect for summer and can really spice up and outfit. Just pop on your favorite hot pink nail polish and your feet will look perfect with a pair of these shoes. They can go with any attire, casual or dressy and they can be worn with shorts,skirts,dresses and jeans!

Now next to these we have the floral dress, now floral prints are really in this season and they don't generally have to be worn on a dress , if dresses are not for you then try finding them in a tank form or even a cardigan. There is no way to be more summery then to have a floral print stamped on to your summer attire. I love the one above as it isn't to over done and is black .. l love black. It would definitely look great with some gladiators as well.

The next shirt is one of my favorites now if floral isn't for you then I would definitely try something with an Aztec print. Aztec prints are something that you will definitely be seeing more of. In fact these prints are one of my favorites. The shirt is perfect for a summer warm day as the material is sheer and light!

The jeans above are perfect for a rainy or stormy day and they are only 12.50! Can't beat that! Can you? I love em.. especially if you ruin your jeans as quickly as I do. Perfect for those coffee dates with friends on gloomy days.

Jewellery is one of my favorite things about my outfit, the leaf ring above is great for adding jazz to an outfit, I love the pattern and how it covers half your finger. Statement Jewellery is my love and a simple enough but unique piece like this will amp up your outfit.

Well that is all for my summer picks for now, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Its my first time for one of these but I liked writing this out so lets hope I do more of these!

All images and all products can be found at

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