Saturday, February 26, 2011

Revlon Nail Polish Haul

Recently I came across an amazing sale on Revlon nail polishes! I couldn't resist and had to pick up a few or so, for myself. I love all 4 colors that I got! I found some that had a thinner formula which I have realized in my other Revlon nail polishes and some have a semi -thick formula. The colors which I picked up are :

Minted - Minted is a pastel mint green, the formula is on the thinner side and requires about 2-3 coats to get opaque coverage on your nails. I really like this color its a good alternative to some of the higher priced mint nail polishes.

Silver Screen - When I initially purchased Silver Screen I though it would be more of a metallic light lilac purple, that was until I read the name and realized its just meant to be silver. With that said I still see hints of lilac in the bottle but when I applied it on my nails its just silver no lilac what so ever. But its a really nice silver and I have been looking for a good silver polish for quiet some time so needless to say I am quiet happy with this purchase!

Midnight Affair - Midnight Affair is a really pretty navy blue. I have also been looking for a nice navy nail polish and this one fits the bill. I wouldn't say its anything spectacular but it is still nice and I will be wearing it especially in this cold gloomy weather.

Blackest Black - This nail polish is actually quiet unique, you may be thinking oh another black nail polish what could possibly be different? But before you skip this polish, I would like to say that I find this black quiet unique! It is a creamy black but has a bunch of blue sparkles, the blue sparkles are not very noticeable but noticeable enough. They add a nice little touch to the generic black nail polish!

Time for some pics, please excuse my rushed and hastily applied nail polish application:

Starting of with Minted:

Silver Screen:

Midnight Affair:

Blackest Black:

Pretty blue sparkles in the black nail polish

Well that is all of the pictures! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it informative. Have a fantastic day!

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