Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been quiet lazy updating this ole thing! Mainly I have got no time. Nevertheless it is FREEZING! The weather is ridiculously cold! -20 Where I'm from! And to make things better I am stuck with the flu .. and my head is pounding! Due to my illness I missed my notorious organic chem lab. I guess that may as well be a good thing!

I've been meaning to do a review on my mark eye shadows but my laptop will not read my memory card it is the most annoyingest thing ever! I also FINALLY received my urban outfitters parcel I will also be posting pictures later (once my memory card goes in my laptop) and reviews of my items! Also I think I love CHUNKY SWEATERS! Especially in this weather..

Some music I have been listening to.. the first one is quiet the surprise.

1. Grenade - Bruno Mars
2. Your Song - Elie Goulding
3.i-m the one - jj
4.Love is All - The tallest man on Earth
5. Heart in Your Heartbreak - The pains of Being Pure at Heart
6. Dancing on my Own - Robyn

Jj is a band well rather a duo that I basically listen to because their voice is A-mazing! As well Dancing on my Own is such an amazing personal anthem it is sad but empowering in a way I guess.

Anyways enough of this post, I need some coffee!

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