Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Been a while.. or What?

It has definitely been a while to say the least! This month has been filled with many days in which I have been out right busy!

Well to start off its Ramadan which is one of the most funnest and enjoyed part of the year for me. From fasting to iftaaris( breaking of fast with family, fun and most definitely GREAT food) going to taraweeh (Islamic prayer) and just outright chilling with friends. Its been quiet the month and to top it all off having to work around 30 hrs per week has left me fairly occupied!

And now for the latter part of this blog school has begun which require a post all of its own! But to sum it up I am starting school and a brand new university! And to be quiet frank, I'm not sure if I am really enjoying it I just want a dazzling 3.8 gpa just like everyone else and I guess we shall see if the switch will be worth it in the end! But really the only way for me to describe it is having low expectation and then arriving to the school and realizing that the school is lower then your already low expectations. Yes, that is meant to sound gloomy.

In beauty related news I got my hands on a bobbi brown shimmer brick compact in the color beach. Its gorgeous but I don't think its entirely worth the price and would just recommend buying if you got a little money left over!

I wrote this two days ago! An now its eid! Hooraah! Eid Mubarak everyone! May Allah forgive all of our sins and accept our prayers! Ameen

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