Sunday, July 25, 2010


Howdy Y'all!
So the other day I went to the movies and lo and behold I saw the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. I thinks its safe to say that any movie consisting of Leo will be a great one. It also stars Ellen Paige who is a wonderful young female actor. The movie is about a man named Dom who has an internal struggle with himself due to the death of his wife in which he believes he is somehow responsible for. The authorities believe that he killed his wife, and that is where Satio comes in! Satio makes him an offer that if he helps him out he will clear him of all charges so he can see his two kids again. Satios offer consists of going in to the mind of Fischer (the son of a wealthy billionaire who dies) and get a combination for a safe. To do this they must plant the combination in his mind and go through 3 levels which is nearly impossible to do, however they make this possible and then are faced with the complication of going within dreams.The only issue I had with this movie was that it was a little on the confusing side.

I mean how can you be so real yet be in a dream. I guess that is somewhat the point of the movie, to get viewers to question their own reality. I think something that confused many was the ending, with the top still spinning does that make the entire movie a dream? Anyways all in all it was a fantastic film and I recommend that everyone should check it out!

Also the Director of this movie is Christopher Nolan, the same guy known for directing Batman - the Dark Knight!

Chow amigos!

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